Contenitore di Sicurezza x memory card Extreme Rosso 3861-03,DIGITALE ,Schede memoria accessori, astucci
Contenitore di Sicurezza x memory card Extreme Rosso 3861-03


Contenitore di Sicurezza x memory card Extreme Rosso 3861-03


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When it comes to the crunch

Sailing close to the wind or climbing right to the top: the Card Safe" Extreme is ready for (almost) everything. It is the top of the range of the Card Safe" products. Like all other Card Safes" it protects memory cards against dust, humidity, shock and electrostatic charge. In addition, it is water and climate proof " thus fit for the next adventure trip into the desert. To ensure its outdoor quality, the Extreme has a reinforced hinge and a reinforced lock with stainless steel pins and a connector to attach it at the belt or the camera bag.

Inside the Card Safe" Extreme are four compartments for bigger-sized memory cards such as Compact Flash or Memory Stick as well as SM and SD cards. The Card Safe" Extreme adapts to its surrounding in unobtrusive onyx or sticks out in blazing neon. Following current trends, it is now also available in iceblue and rosso.

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