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Photographic Consulting on-site and remote

Dario Orlandi - Photography & Communication Agency in collaboration with TuttoFoto.com provides a service of professional counseling about the setting up of photographic equipment and the optimization of the photographic workflow.

The Agency organizes intensive refresher courses for professionals of shooting, editing, storage and printing.

It also provides customized training on various subjects aimed to photographic professionals and advanced amateurs.

All services are available on-site and/or remotely.

Photographic Equipment Setup

Setup of photographic studios and photographic equipment in general.

Optimizing Workflow

Check of the various photographic workflow stages:

  • shooting
  • importing
  • editing
  • exporting
  • storage
  • printing, including color calibration, software testing, hardware and tools.

Intensive Courses: shooting, storage, editing and printing

Intensive refresher courses on techniques of shooting, editing and archiving of digital images using Adobe Lightroom® and Adobe Bridge®, advanced editing of photographic images using Adobe Photoshop®, printing techniques.

Personalized courses

We organize courses for individuals, small groups or workshops about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to photographic technique
  2. Archive management and digital darkroom with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge®
  3. Photo- Editing with Adobe Photoshop
  4. Photography and development of a photographic project
  5. Photographic portraits
  6. Contemporary photojournalism
  7. Photo-editing and portfolio
  8. Regulations and marketing strategies in photography
  9. Postproduction techniques in portrait and fashion photography with Adobe Photoshop. Advanced level
  10. Postproduction techniques in reportage photography with Adobe Photoshop. Advanced level.
  11. Calibration techniques of color digital reproduction of original fine art prints

Remote Assistance

The Agency provides advisory services remotely (by phone or via Skype) for all the topics above indicated.

Information and costs

For information on costs please contact consulting@darioorlandi.com or call +39.339.1046805

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